This video, created by JLTV is for "Yom Ha’Atzmaut," Israel’s Day of Independence and "Yom HaZicharon," the Day of Remembrance, honoring our fallen soldiers who unselfishly gave their lives so that we may live.  I have always thought it fitting to start with a solemn day of respect and remembrance and only after that to celebrate our nation's independence.

update May 2024: "Nigun Ha’Chayal" is “The Soldier’s Song.”  It is dedicated to the soldiers who stand guard and defend the Jewish people and now, dedicated to  Jewish students around the world who are facing antisemitic threats as part of their everyday lives on campus. Let us all support them in any way we can.



"Adir Hu" is one of the famous songs of the Passover seder.

Directed by Stephanie Liss.  Edited by Samuel Asher.  Melody by R. Shlomo Carlebach.  Bass by Moran Baron.  All other instruments and programming by RebbeSoul.  Recorded in Israel. Mixed and mastered by Amit Golan at Super Sonic Studios.  Produced and arranged by RebbeSoul.

V'Shamru of From Another World

Kaddish from Change The World With A Sound