Shlomit hits the stage...

For those of you celebrating it, I hope you had a beautiful and meaningful Shavuot!


This is what happens in Israel when Shlomit Levi hits the stage and opens her mouth.  It takes only seconds and you get the reaction, especially with a Yemenite audience.  I managed to get only about 20 seconds of this using my iphone and it's certainly worth seeing and hearing.  Notice there is not even a band.  It's only her.


Here it is:



I am honored to be working with Shlomit and doing the music of her Yemenite tradition.  It's also lots of fun for me, taking this music that I did not grow up with myself, but is related and on some higher level, way beyond me.  Putting my "mojo" on something like this is something I am grateful for.  I will be sharing some of the background on these songs as we proceed in this project and hope you find the "backstage" scene interesting.  Tomorrow morning is the first rehearsal with the band assembled, consisting of some of the finest players in the country.  I'm a little nervous, as this traditional music is sacred and must be treated respectfully.

The "Shlomit & RebbeSoul" project debuts in Israel on June 19th in Tel Aviv at Levontin 7.  The new show is called the Seal of Solomon.  Those of you, here in Israel - I hope to see you.  It will be a great show.  If you're not in Israel, feel free to tell others about it.  It will be something special, not to be missed.


I will be sending out an announcement to RebbeSoulmates but wanted to share this little video with all of you first, on my blog.




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