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The Many Faces of Jerusalem, RebbeSoul plays Shlomo

Carlebach's "V'Shamru"

The first, official, music video for the "From Another World"


Filmed by CoVisions.


Am Yisrael Chai, Carlebach's classic Am Yisrael Chai

performed by people from all over the world, RebbeSoul,

Jewish world music style.  Enjoy!


RebbeSoul, Make My Day, segments of the band with special

guests like Prophet X at a soundstage in Oakland, going

through Harachaman, Kol Dodi, Esa Enai, and others.


"Abdah," is a classical Yemenite song which women sing at

henna ceremonies prior to weddings.From the project: The

Seal Of Solomon - Shlomit Levi & RebbeSoul


American Synagogues

Music by RebbeSoul

Photos by Laszlo Regos


RebbeSoul introduces V'Shamru in the recording studio.


Tzena Tzena - This old army song from 1941 was

made famous by artists such as Bing Crosby, Judy

Garland, Richard Tucker, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles,

Frank Sinatra and many others.


Shlomit Levi & RebbeSoul

Featuring the great Yemenite singer, Shlomit Levi.  


Shlomit & RebbeSoul Live in Tel aviv


RebbeSoul performing "Adir Hu Revisited" from his album,

"From Another World," live from Southwest Studios in

Phoenix, Arizona. The melody comes from Reb Shlomo

Carlebach and is a song of Pesach or Passover. This features

RebbeSoul on balalaika and electric guitar.


Shlomit & Rebbesoul: Avinu Malkeinu


L'Shana tova, to a good year!  This is Avinu...


Filmed on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, specially for

Chanukah (by CoVisions) the classic Chanukah song "Ma Oz

Tzur", "Rock of Ages" in English.


"Let My People Go" (Official Music Video)

New Video 4/14, REBBESOUL'S "Let My People Go" in honour of 2014


Directed by: Stephen Estey & Atif Ekulona


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How are you during these apocalyptic times?  I hope you and your

family are healthy.  Here's a short video for the current situation:

The Farther One Travels...